Thursday, 22 August 2013

Okay let's get this blog rolling, thanks to the much needed pressuring of a peer this blog I've been intending to start for ages is now up!

 I've decided in order to keep this blog active and how it's not actually my portfolio (reserved for best work) I will post a plethora of things warts and all, I'll be dumping experiments studies and all manner of creative oddities. let some dumping commence:

 Started as a freehand anatomy invention sketch (testing myself), that I turned into a colour experiment and then I used ref to strengthen ~about an hour.

thumbnails, based on the work of a fellow member of an art group I just joined, other's were doing interpretations and suggestions, So I thought I'd join in! it came out pretty well.


scribble that I rendered out
 couple sub 20 minute speed paints

 some 3D character design for a project called Fibre Optic Pizza which aims to be somewhat of a homage to Deus Ex among other influences.

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