Sunday, 22 September 2013

more creative detritus in chronological order: 

some speed painting for a 'daily spitpainting' group, limitation 30 minutes:

left:20 minutes in |right:10 more to make it fit the owl warrior theme

speed painting demo for some classmates:
5 minute freehand

some speed studies

quick attempts at mood thumbs

 first earnest attempt at character design, for an assigment, brief was a female warrior who draws inspiration from historical and mythical references, and not derivative of film or games.

some animation :D
speed painting from ref, scrat-sphynx

 another attempt at character design, this was done in a tenth of the time than the above

 couple random sleep deprived images
decided to do a master artist study, subject Rembrandt's - Polish Rider
time taken about 4 hours

some exploration of abstraction techniques, using the freehand lasso tool to generate shape masks.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Speed Painting Madness

decided half way through today to do 10 speed paints (from photo references)
they all took between 10-30 minutes
started struggling toward the end on the tiger. 

strange thing is i have barely studied or drawn animals before(the golden eagle and wonky pelican being the recent examples, using same approach and more or less inspiring this activity),  I find it so enjoyable and rather fluid compared to other subject matter, and 3D which I've been doing quite prolifically for a good year now, and of course during these I was studying colour, lighting, surfaces and form as i went. learned quite a bit too.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

some sketches sculpts and other creative debris

another dump, every free moment I've taken the opportunity to cram in some sketching and general arting. Some sketches, concepts, thumbnails and some 3D rapid prototyping/concepting I did for my current GameArt course. also a piece of life drawing thrown in for good measure. oh and a few older sketches and a WiP concept sculpt. and a bit of environment art for a game with a local upstart, Overworld Interactive.

 loose still study