Sunday, 22 September 2013

more creative detritus in chronological order: 

some speed painting for a 'daily spitpainting' group, limitation 30 minutes:

left:20 minutes in |right:10 more to make it fit the owl warrior theme

speed painting demo for some classmates:
5 minute freehand

some speed studies

quick attempts at mood thumbs

 first earnest attempt at character design, for an assigment, brief was a female warrior who draws inspiration from historical and mythical references, and not derivative of film or games.

some animation :D
speed painting from ref, scrat-sphynx

 another attempt at character design, this was done in a tenth of the time than the above

 couple random sleep deprived images
decided to do a master artist study, subject Rembrandt's - Polish Rider
time taken about 4 hours

some exploration of abstraction techniques, using the freehand lasso tool to generate shape masks.

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